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Mitch was brought up in London, His Dad introduced him to the wonders of Photography and encouraged him by giving him a 120 format instermatic range finder, this fuelled his passion.


The film and darkroom users forum.  Is a great place for those who still use film and print in the darkroom. Among its membership their  is a wealth of information and experience. They are only to willing to help or give advice … Continue reading

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Jacques-Henri Lartigue video.

This video is a BBC’s production on legendary photographers. Jacques-Henri Lartigue. The boy who never grew up.

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Henri Cartier-Bresson

This is a link to some of his famous pictures. This post has come about because there was a big debate on the film and darkroom forum about HBCs puddle jumper. See link below.

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Out of date.

A friend gave me two rolls of film that she had found in the loft. One roll was still boxed Konica colour negative dated 2003 , the other roll was an Agfa colour neg  film with no date but still in its  plastic container. I … Continue reading

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Five day’s!

Some pictures are worth waiting for, this morning I woke up, pull back the curtains to be met with a mist leaden view. My heart skips a beat, I rush out of the room jumping into trousers and  pulling on a tee-shirt. Hopping … Continue reading

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