Jacques-Henri Lartigue video.

This video is a BBC’s production on legendary photographers.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue. The boy who never grew up.

About photomi7ch

Mitch was brought up in London, His Dad introduced him to the wonders of Photography and encouraged him by giving him a 120 format instermatic range finder, this fuelled his passion.
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2 Responses to Jacques-Henri Lartigue video.

  1. dailydose10 says:

    Just watched the video. It was very informative and I share the sentiment of never growing up. It can help you focus on the beauty and joy of life.
    Thanks for posting

    • photomi7ch says:

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the video of Henri Lartigue. I came acroos it while looking for more information on one of my fav pictures which happens to be one of his. I enjoyed the film as well and thought other may, so posted the link.
      Thanks for the comment

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