Five day’s!

Rolling mist

As the sun clears the hill tops

Some pictures are worth waiting for, this morning I woke up, pull back the curtains to be met with a mist leaden view. My heart skips a beat, I rush out of the room jumping into trousers and  pulling on a tee-shirt. Hopping down the hall trying not to fall over as I put  my socks on through  the kitchen,  grabbing the camera bag as I open the back door. Then walking briskly down the path to open fields.  

On previous mornings I had planned where I was going to take the pictures from, so I moved swiftly to that point, but the light was not quite right. I took a series of pictures with the old digital camera, then made my way back to the kitchen for a cup of coffee slightly disappointed.  

After coffee I went out again armed with just my F5 and 70-210 zoom attached. As I made my way  back I noticed a difference to the morning, the sun was just cresting the hills and the mist was lifting with  clear pockets, showing the hills across the valley. I knew this was what I had been waiting for. Oh man! what a great shoot, it only lasted about 30 minutes which felt like hours but the buzz lasted most of the day. This is why I take pictures there is no feeling like it.

About photomi7ch

Mitch was brought up in London, His Dad introduced him to the wonders of Photography and encouraged him by giving him a 120 format instermatic range finder, this fuelled his passion.
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